Suzy Welch 101010 Rule 
Jack & Suzy Welch: The Today Show Interview 

Suzy Welch is the author of "10-10-10: A Life-Transforming Idea,"  a self-help, life management tool that will help you put things in perspective.

What is 101010?

10-10-10 stands for:
 10 = ten minutes;
 10 = ten months;
 10 = ten years.

It merely means that when you make a life-changing decision think of its impact and consequences based on these 3 time frames.  In ten minutes ... ten months ... and ten years.  That is, how the decision applies in the immediate, near and distant future.  It is proactive.  Suzy Welch explains that by doing this we are able to let our unconscious fears, motives, desires and needs surface up.  Once conscious of them we are now on our way to living a life according to our deepest goals and values.

How does 10-10-10 work?

Step 1: The10-10-10 process starts with a question.  Questions like should I take a job that pays more but one that I don't enjoy doing?  Should I save this money or invest it? Should I stay in this relationship or quit?  It is important to define your questions and consider all the variables in making a decision.  Settle on what exactly is the issue here that must be resolved.

Step 2: Gather information.  Be honest and thorough.  Consider the repercussions or the consequences of your decision/s in 10 minutes, 10 months, and in 10 years.  This, of course, should not be taken literally for the numbers simply represents "right now", "in the near future" and "in the next ten years or so".  To put it in another way, it is placing things in perspective by considering the short-term, mid-term, long-term repercussions to your decision/s.

Step 3: Analysis:  Bring all the information and compare it with your values, beliefs, needs, goals etc.
By doing this, you take control of your life by taking control of your decisions.

From : The Today show Interview (Suzy & Jack Welch)
Q: "Given the state of the economy, how would you advise people to stay upbeat, positive and frankly hopeful?"

Suzy: "The first thing is, you've got to let go of your rage. People are marinating in their rage and we totally understand that, but rage and fear are self-destructive."

Jack: "Things aren't happening as usual in the workplace right now so don't do your normal routine. You must stand out. If you're standing out, rather than polarized by fear, you'll stay. People who have been paralyzed by fear end up losing their jobs. Standing out in these times is more important than ever. Over-delivery now defines you in this economy."

"I made $4,259 in the first 45 days! Slow Economy?  What slow economy?" Michael William, New York
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